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My Boys: Nicky and Niño

 Best Friends: Niño and Nicky  He was never fond of close-ups. Can you tell? My sweet little Nicky.  My little rock star. He was so sweet and tolerant of my shenanigans. My snow pup. He LOVED snow. Nicky passed away June 26, 2009. Niño followed November 30, 2009. They were both 12 years old and had been together their entire lives. They came to live with me when they were wee babies. Those were the best 12 years of my {Read More}

One year since my Nicky crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

One year ago today my Nicky passed away in my arms. He was 12 years old. Nicky was a free-spirit and such a sweet boy. The time has passed so quickly, yet it feels like it’s been much longer since I’ve held him.  He loved the snow. He also liked to snack on it as he played.

Benefits of Essential Oils and Canine Massage after Trauma

We are participating in the Caring for Critters Round Robin hosted by Heart Like a Dog. Several pet bloggers are sharing their experiences with health issues their pets have faced and how they dealt with them. Yesterday Leah at Let’s Go Dog wrote about Hip Dysplasia and tomorrow Rebekah at My Rotten Dogs will be writing about Canine Yeast Infections in the Ears. Today, I’m sharing my experience with helping my dog Nicky recover from a dog attack using massage {Read More}


I’ve loved animals my entire life. I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t an animal in my home. Their innocence, loyalty, unconditional love, and capacity to forgive amaze and inspire me. As a photographer, they’ve become my favorite subjects. As a dog mom, their well-being has let me to study holistic animal care and canine massage. I aim to nurture the whole dog. Body, Mind, and Spirit. Volunteering at a local shelter, writing about local animal rescue news, and {Read More}

Delia Won a Bag of Tillman’s Treats! Review

A special delivery from Natural Balance just for Delia! Delia won a bag of Tillman’s Treats Lamb and Vegetable formula treats from Natural Balance during a recent BlogPaws Twitter chat about retired working dogs. Not only did Delia win her favorite treats, but we learned a lot about working dogs, service dogs and therapy dogs as well. Delia LOVES Tillman’s Treats. A lot. I have to make sure they are stored out of her sight or she won’t eat her {Read More}

Remembering My Boys on National Pet Memorial Day

The second Sunday in September is National Pet Memorial Day. While I think of them every day, I’ve been spending time today remembering my Nicky, Niño and Mickey. Mickey was my best friend growing up. He was a gift from my Father when I was four years old and had chicken pox. He was my constant companion and a source of comfort when my Father passed away three years later. We had 13 years together. It wasn’t until I started {Read More}

Get Fit and Stay Fit with Purina Dog Chow Light & Healthy

Purina is helping overweight pooches and their people to get fit and stay fit by introducing their new Purina Dog Chow Light & Healthy. Purina Dog Chow Light & Healthy aims to help your dog lose weight if necessary and to maintain a healthy weight with the formula. Purina sent us a gift box with a bag of Purina Dog Chow Light & Healthy brand food for Delia to sample. They also included samples with coupons to share with our readers. {Read More}

Sweet Pea’s Story-Part 2

Sweet Pea’s Story-Part 2…(Part one can be read here.) Niño and Sweet Pea Nicky and Niño were ready to burst with excitement about this new family member. I put her in her travel cage and we all gathered on the floor. Nicky and Niño were leashed in case they got too excited…they sniffed around the cage…she followed, checking them out…Nicky lingered a bit too long and she nipped his nose. No damage done, but he learned his lesson. Niño sat {Read More}

Sweet Pea’s Story-Part 1

 (Sweet Pea’s first photo 2001) Ten years ago as I was traveling through a small Missouri town I saw a little pet store and decided to stop in. I was shocked at the menagerie in this tiny dingy store. Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents, tarantulas and a wallaby! It made me sick-the smell-the filth-the fact that these animals were living like this. Amidst the chaos sat a tiny cage with a tiny green bird perched quietly inside. She was so {Read More}