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Sweet Pea’s Story-Part 4: Farewell My Sweet Friend, Until We Meet Again

“Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” ~A.A.Milne June 18, 2014 my beautiful little Sweet Pea passed away. For 13 years I was blessed with her love and sweet friendship. She was such a funny little clown. She loved banging her colorful bells, destroying her foraging boxes and chew blocks. I loved watching her destroy a foraging box while tossing the paper shreds all over her cage and our living room floor. It’s hard to {Read More}

Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Delia and Sweet Pea’s Snow Day


Sweet Pea’s Story-Part 3

Part one and Part 2 and Part 4 At 10 years old, Sweet Pea is a happy, healthy little Parrotlet. I recently read a description of Parrotlets as being “feisty.” Feisty is such a fitting word. These little birds have such big personalities and they’re so smart. Sweet Pea is like a tiny clown. Always up to new tricks and acrobatics. Sweet Pea has turned into quite a snuggler in recent years and loves to watch videos of other Parrotlets {Read More}

Sweet Pea’s Story-Part 2

Sweet Pea’s Story-Part 2…(Part one can be read here.) Niño and Sweet Pea Nicky and Niño were ready to burst with excitement about this new family member. I put her in her travel cage and we all gathered on the floor. Nicky and Niño were leashed in case they got too excited…they sniffed around the cage…she followed, checking them out…Nicky lingered a bit too long and she nipped his nose. No damage done, but he learned his lesson. Niño sat {Read More}

Sweet Pea’s Story-Part 1

 (Sweet Pea’s first photo 2001) Ten years ago as I was traveling through a small Missouri town I saw a little pet store and decided to stop in. I was shocked at the menagerie in this tiny dingy store. Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents, tarantulas and a wallaby! It made me sick-the smell-the filth-the fact that these animals were living like this. Amidst the chaos sat a tiny cage with a tiny green bird perched quietly inside. She was so {Read More}


I’ve loved animals my entire life. I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t an animal in my home. Their innocence, loyalty, unconditional love, and capacity to forgive amaze and inspire me. As a photographer, they’ve become my favorite subjects. As a dog mom, their well-being has let me to study holistic animal care and canine massage. I aim to nurture the whole dog. Body, Mind, and Spirit. Volunteering at a local shelter, writing about local animal rescue news, and {Read More}

We’re Going to BlogPaws

  Delia, Sweet Pea and I are ready for BlogPaws! Well, I’m ready and Flat Delia and Flat Sweet Pea are ready. Delia and Sweet Pea are staying home, but will be there in spirit thanks to the fabulous inspiration from Flat Tyler and  DIY instrucions on My Flat Pet.   Fluffy Delia isn’t so sure about Flat Delia. Packed and ready to go! Off to BlogPaws we go!  

January 5 is the 11th anniversary of National Bird Day

 Sweet Pea says, “Happy National Bird Day!” (PRWEB)January 5 is the 11th anniversary of National Bird Day, when Born Free USA, a leader in animal welfare and wildlife conservation, shines a spotlight on issues critical to the protection and survival of birds. The annual campaign focuses on education and action to improve standards of care for birds who have been adopted aspets; educate consumers about adopting a bird from a shelter or rescue; stop the international trade in wild birds; {Read More}

All Pets Want for Christmas Blog Hop

Authors Vickie Johnstone (author of The Kiwi Series and 3 Heads and A Tail) and David M. Brown (author of Man vs. Cat) have asked,”What would their pets really want if they could write their very own wishlist?” If Delia could write her own wishlist, I’m sure an endless supply of  teeny bouncy tennis balls would top the list…. …with squeaky stuffed toys coming in second. Chasing balls and running with her friends at the dog park on sunny 75 {Read More}

Extreme Pet Bloggers Hop for Animal Shelter and Rescue Awareness

Welcome to Heartprints Pets and the Extreme Pet Bloggers Hop! I’m Lisa and my Bichon Frise Delia and Parrotlet Sweet Pea are so happy you stopped by! We’re excited to take part in this event hosted by Two Little Cavaliers focusing on international animal shelter and rescue awareness. Not only will you be introduced to adoptable animals and shelters around the globe, but you’ll also have chances to win incredible giveaways for yourself and the rescue or shelter of your {Read More}