Help Stop Breeding Misery in Puppy Mills

A few years ago, the shelter I volunteered with rescued dogs at a Missouri puppy mill auction. The puppy mill, which was once Missouri’s largest, was being forced to close and they were selling their “stock.” The dogs were in terrible condition, yet they still charged insane amounts for the dogs to be saved. Staff and volunteers worked hard at assessing, bathing, grooming and setting up warm, soft places for the dogs to rest. Several were sent immediately for emergency veterinary care. Filthy, {Read More}

The Mission to Bring Randy the Pig Home

Photo courtesy of Dawn Blackburn. An animal is surrendered to a shelter. This animal has a loving home to return to. The animal is being held in quarantine for 30 days, then will be evaluated for adoption. Again, this animal has a loving home waiting, with a woman who WANTS to care for him. A woman who knows his needs better than the organization currently in possession of him. An organization that admitted to her to not being able to {Read More}

St. Louis area artists and canine pawcassos lend their creative support to the mission of saving stray companion animals.

  Blog the Change is a quarterly event hosted by in which bloggers are asked to “Come together in support of people helping animals in need.”  One of the questions asked is, “Who do you know who acts tirelessly on animals’ behalf?” I immediately thought of Randy Grim, founder of Stray Rescue of St. Louis. One of Stray Rescue’s most anticipated events of the year starts tonight in St. Louis. Stray Rescue of St. Louis and St. Louis University {Read More}