My Failure at Delia’s Dental Care Routine and How I Plan to Fix It

Delia has horrible breath. It is my fault. We used to brush her teeth at least three times a week, but she put up such a fight, I felt terrible, so I stopped, which was worse for her in the long run. I’ve bought countless dental treats, water additives, and numerous flavors of toothpaste. I’m convinced she’s got to be one of the pickiest dogs on the planet. She won’t eat any of the chews, stops drinking the water with {Read More}

Kissable Brushless Dental Solutions Review

I hate to admit it, but I don’t brush Delia’s teeth as often as I should. She hates it and she won’t chew on most dental chews either. When we were invited to try Kissable Brushless Dental Solutions I was curious to give them a try. Kissable has introduced their new Instant Fresh Breath Foam and Oral Care Water Additive to make oral care easier for pups and their people. Both the Instant Fresh Breath Foam and Oral Care Water {Read More}