Sweet Pea’s Story-Part 2

Sweet Pea’s Story-Part 2…(Part one can be read here.) Niño and Sweet Pea Nicky and Niño were ready to burst with excitement about this new family member. I put her in her travel cage and we all gathered on the floor. Nicky and Niño were leashed in case they got too excited…they sniffed around the cage…she followed, checking them out…Nicky lingered a bit too long and she nipped his nose. No damage done, but he learned his lesson. Niño sat {Read More}

Sweet Pea’s Story-Part 1

 (Sweet Pea’s first photo 2001) Ten years ago as I was traveling through a small Missouri town I saw a little pet store and decided to stop in. I was shocked at the menagerie in this tiny dingy store. Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents, tarantulas and a wallaby! It made me sick-the smell-the filth-the fact that these animals were living like this. Amidst the chaos sat a tiny cage with a tiny green bird perched quietly inside. She was so {Read More}

Bud’s Brother Needs Your Help

Hello, I’m Bud! Nice to meet you! My cousin Lisa let me borrow her blog today to talk to you about my human brother, Kent. Kent has this awful disease called ALS, which is also known as Lou Gherig’s disease.  Kent loves animals and had many pets of his own until he moved into a place with nurses who take care of him, and he had to find another home for his cat, Oreo. I get to visit him there. {Read More}

Mud and Dog Slobber/Saturday Pet Blogger Hop

Happy Weekend! I stopped by the shelter after work a few nights last week to photograph the new comers. The recent warm-up in our weather has melted inches of snow and ice leaving behind a muddy mess. I went from dog-to-dog playing, snuggling and snapping photos. By the time I was finished I was covered in mud and dog slobber. I don’t mind the mud at all. The doggie kisses are well worth the mess.  All available for adoption from {Read More}