What Can a Dog Add to Your Home?

Thinking of adopting a new canine family member? Purina Dog Chow recently released the results of an extensive consumer survey of both dog owners and non-dog owners between the ages of 24 and 45 which highlighted many, positive impacts that dogs have on families.

After finding out what issues are important to and of most concern to families, the survey shows many of the ways dogs can help families address those issues and ease family concerns by:

Providing unconditional love.
 Accepting you for who you are.
Showing love regardless of your situation.
Always being happy to see you.
Making each family member feel important in their own way.
Connecting family members.
Fueling communication in the family.
Helping to cope through difficult times.
Helping owners and children to learn responsibility.
Being good listeners.
Being fun and caring and bringing a special energy to the home.

Purina helps homeless animals in numerous ways with their Pet Welfare programs. If you are planning on adding a pet to your home, please consider adoption. Find your next family member at your local shelter or browse adoptable animals at Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet.


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