DIY Paw Print Pumpkin Fall Decor

Carved pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween. I like to incorporate a pet-themed pumpkin into our Halloween and fall decorating,and my favorite decoration is my paw print carved craft pumpkin. This year, I decided to add both real pumpkins and artificial carvable craft pumpkins.

Paw Print Carvable Pumpkin Fall Decoration
Delia’s paw print pumpkin decorations. The artificial pumpkin for our fall decor is on the left, the real pumpkin for Halloween is on the right. 😉

I created a paw print template in PicMonkey using their Design feature and paw print Overlay. I sized the paws to fit the pumpkins, saved the image, re-opened the image in a photo editor, and printed. It was super easy and customizable. If you want to skip straight through the design process and just print, feel free to download the template I created. Downloadable paw print template.

The printed template and Delia’s pumpkin, ready to be carved. 

Cut the template to fit your pumpkin and position as desired. 

I used a craft stylus to score the template onto the pumpkin. 

One paw print complete….one more to go….
Both paw prints are scored….now on to carving. Carve your pumpkin as you normally would, then carve the paw prints using the holes as a guide. I used a pumpkin carving kit I found at our local supermarket.
I used battery-operated tea lights to illuminate the pumpkins. Do not use real candles in artificial pumpkins!

Artificial carvable craft pumpkins are available at many craft/hobby stores and online. These are my personal favorite since they’re not as messy, they last forever and the design possibilities are endless. I found the tea lights at our local dollar store. 

Do you add any special pet-themed decor pieces to your holiday decorating? We’d love to see what you do!


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