DIY Paw Print Pumpkin Fall Decor

Carved pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween. I like to incorporate a pet-themed pumpkin into our Halloween and fall decorating,and my favorite decoration is my paw print carved craft pumpkin. This year, I decided to add both real pumpkins and artificial carvable craft pumpkins. Delia’s paw print pumpkin decorations. The artificial pumpkin for our fall decor is on the left, the real pumpkin for Halloween is on the right. 😉 I created a paw print template in PicMonkey using their Design feature {Read More}

Delia’s First Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze Adventure

Delia went on her first pumpkin patch and corn maze adventure. She is always happy to go on adventures, but the fact that her young cousin was going along excited her even more. (Click the images to view them larger) As we waited for the hay ride to the pumpkin patch, Delia checked out the scenery. This one is a little bit too big. We finally made it to the pumpkin patch. “There are are pumpkins as far as I {Read More}