Garfield and Odie Join The Shelter Pet Project to Promote Pet Adoption

June is Adopt-A-Cat Month, and Garfield and Odie have teamed up with The Shelter Pet Project to adoption of pets in shelters. In the video below, Garfield urges anyone wanting to add a pet to their family, to look at to see pets available for adoption in their areas. June is considered “Kitten Season,” when thousands of homeless kittens are born, and join cats available for adoption in shelters across the country, so as Garfield says, “Adopt already!” There {Read More}

June is Adopt a Cat Month

Founded by the American Humane Association, June is Adopt a Cat Month. Shelters and rescues across the country are ready and happy to help adoptable cats find their forever homes. Meet just a few of the wonderful cats available for adoption at 5 Acres Animal Shelter in St. Charles, Mo. Sitka is a young playful little boy who needs someone who will be patient with his rough play and to work with him as he matures. More info about Sitka {Read More}