Photo Courtesy of Margaret Bell
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Cersei: From the Lonely Streets of Mexico to a Forever Home in the USA

Today I want to introduce you to Cersei.

Cersei! Photo Courtesy of Margaret Bell
Photo Courtesy of Margaret Bell

When my friend Margaret lost her beloved Chihuahua, Izzy, she was heartbroken. Anyone who has loved and lost a beloved animal can relate to that pain. She began searching for a rescued Chihuahua to adopt, but after searching for weeks, she hadn’t found anyone she felt a connection with.

That is until a friend who had retired to Mexico posted a photo on Facebook of a 4 pound, emaciated, homeless Chihuahua she found wandering the streets in their village.

Margaret’s dog-loving friend helps homeless dogs in her community to find loving homes. When Margaret saw this little dog’s photo she felt an instant connection and love at first sight.

On a Monday she posted a pic on Facebook and it was love at first sight for me. Instant connection! I told her if there was any way to arrange transportation I would love to have her, not really believing that we could arrange transportation from Mexico to St. Louis. I had forgotten she retired from an airline and was able to fly cheap. She called me on Tuesday and said she would be flying in from Guadalajara on Wednesday evening with my pup, who I named Cersei (from Game of Thrones)! She took her to the vet, got all of her shots, de-wormed, and de-fleaed her, and got her health certificate to bring her into the US. Wednesday evening I had Cersei in my arms. She is the sweetest thing. She fit into our family immediately. She is a snuggler. Even my older chi, Paris, has fallen for her. They play and curl up in the dog bed together. When I go to work she goes in my closet and climbs in the tote bag I keep scarves in and sleeps. I guess they smell like me. -Margaret Bell

Photo Courtesy of Margaret Bell
Cersei snuggling with her new sister, Paris. Photo Courtesy of Margaret Bell
Photo Courtesy of Margaret Bell
Cersei snuggling with Margaret’s scarves. Photo Courtesy of Margaret Bell

Cersei adapted to her new home and new family right away and she’s a happy, healthy, well-loved little girl. It is incredible that one woman’s kind heart led her to rescue Cersei from the streets, and to bring her to her new life with Margaret and her family. I know that Cersei couldn’t have a better home and that Cersei has brought great love and joy to her family.

Cersei’s story proves that you never know where or how you may find that amazing human-animal bond.

Photo Courtesy of Margaret Bell
Margaret with her babies Cersei and Paris. Photo Courtesy of Margaret Bell
Margaret and Cersei
Photo Courtesy of Margaret Bell
Photo Courtesy of Margaret Bell
Photo Courtesy of Margaret Bell
Photo Courtesy of Margaret Bell
A comfy bed is much better than the lonely streets!


  • Shelly

    What a beautiful story and happy ending! Cersei is such a lucky dog! I really admire Margret and her dog saving friend in Mexico. They are such big-hearted people! Cersei looks so at home in her new home.

  • Joni Ribera

    I was the one who brought Cersei to Margaret. She stayed with me a few nights and I really fell in love with her. Rescues are just so grateful for the love, attention and food. They make the most wonderful pets who only want to please their caregivers. Cersei has a very special place in both mine and my husbands hearts,

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