Native Pets Supplements Review
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Native Pet Supplements Review

Native Pets Supplements Review

Native Pet Supplements Review

I’m excited to share with you about a line of healthy holistic dog supplements from Native Pet, made right here in St. Louis, Missouri! Delia and Chewy had an opportunity to try Native Pet Yak Chews, Probiotic, and Pumpkin for this review and I was genuinely impressed with their quality. As a dog mom, maintaining Delia’s and Chewy’s wellness is a top priority, and these products definitely deliver.

Chewy, a cream colored lhatese dog checking out the box of Native Pet products
Chewy likes the way this package smells!

About Native Pet

Started in St. Louis, Mo by long-time friends Dan Schaefer and Pat Barron,  Native Pet is a line of limited-ingredient, all-natural supplements for dogs and cats.  They are developed along with a Board-Certified Vet Nutritionist using their own proprietary formulas and formats, with functional human-grade whole foods. The supplements range from tummy health, skin and coat health, calming chews, omega oils, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about the Native Pet philosophy, check out their website at Native Pet Philosophy.


Yak Chews

Chewy is an avid chewer, so I was particularly impressed with their Yak Chews, which are made with yak’s milk, cow’s milk, salt, and lime. That’s it. No added, unnecessary fillers. They make for a long-lasting teeth-cleaning activity for dogs who like to chew. My Chewy loves these and they last a while. They are the perfect size for his mouth. I also appreciate that they don’t leave a mess and are odorless. They are a staple in our household now! You can find them at

Chewy enjoying a tasty Native Pet Yak Chew


Another product that I found helpful was the Native Pet Probiotics. These can be easily added as a food topper or mixed with food to provide support for long-term gut health with dog-specific prebiotics and probiotics. Probiotics provide relief to sensitive stomachs, help in transitioning to new diets and calm the digestive system in times of stress and illness.

Native Pet Probiotic and Pumpkin easily mixes into Delia’s and Chewy’s food.

Chewy’s gut is easily upset, so mixing this supplement with his food has been fantastic for combating diarrhea and other sensitivities. It’s easy to mix into my dogs’ food for supplemental gut care, and they both eat it happily! You can check out the product on


Chewy loves Native Pet pumpkin mixed with a bit of broth for a pureed snack!

Lastly, Native Pet’s Pumpkin for Dogs provides relief for digestion, helps in the absorption of vitamins and minerals, and promotes healthy bowels. Adding this powdered pumpkin to Delia’s food has been wonderful for her occasional constipation. It’s easy to mix in with her food and she eats it without any issues. Previously, I had trouble getting her to eat pureed pumpkin, so I’m glad we found something that works well for her! This handy powdered mix of organic pumpkin, organic pumpkin seed, and organic apple, can be sprinkled over food, mixed with water or broth for a tasty puree, or used in baked treats, frozen treats, and more.  Check out some of the tasty recipes on Native Pet’s website

Where to Find Native Pet Products

Native Pet products are available through their website, Amazon, Target, Chewy, Petco. Also, they offer a convenient subscription service that saves you 10%. You can choose to have your orders delivered every 30, 45, 60, or 90 days.

Thanks to Native Pet for the opportunity to try these products!


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