Priscilla the Mini Pig, her little brother Poppleton, and dogs
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Interview with Instagram Sensations Priscilla and Poppleton’s Mom!

Priscilla and Poppleton are two of the cutest little stars on the internet.  These two mini pigs have stolen hearts around the world, including ours!

My mother has been a long time pig fan. She has wanted a pig for years, but settled for a collection of pig figurines and photos. After coming across the PriscillaTheMiniPig Facebook page, we both fell in love with Priscilla and her adorable little brother, Poppleton (aka Prissy and Pop.) The adorable photos of these little pigs have become a daily obsession for us. During my mom’s battles with health issues, Priscilla and Poppleton bring moments of joy to her day.

When I found out that their mom, Melissa, was bringing them to this year’s BlogPaws conference, I was ecstatic! My mom had planned to come along to the conference with me, so I was hoping she would have a chance to see them as they walked the red carpet.

Interview with mini Priscilla the mini pig and poppletonPriscilla the Mini Pig made her BlogPaws debut!

Interview with mini Priscilla the mini pig and poppletonCould Poppleton be any cuter?!?

Thanks to the amazing Carol Bryant, we were able to meet Prissy, Pop, and Melissa one-on-one. We got to meet them, get photos with them, and my mom was able to hold Pop. To HOLD  him! She was overjoyed and I was moved to tears. (Which was super embarrassing crying in public, but I was so happy for my mom and so grateful to Carol for arranging the opportunity, that I couldn’t help myself.)

Interview with mini Priscilla the mini pig and poppletonMy Mom meeting Prissy and Pop!

Interview with mini Priscilla the mini pig and poppletonPoppleton was so sweet as he let my mom pet his snout.

Interview with mini Priscilla the mini pig and poppletonPop met Everett from The Chesnut Mutts blog!

Interview with mini Priscilla the mini pig and poppletonPrissy and Pop got acquainted with Bailey, Jada and Everett from The Chesnut Mutts!

Melissa was gracious enough to answer a few questions for my readers.

How did you become Priscilla and Poppleton’s mom?

I’ve always wanted a pig since I can remember, and after visiting a pig farm when I was in college at the University of Alabama. So, once I knew that they had mini pigs, I got Priscilla first. She is from a breeder in South Beach, Miami.

How old is Priscilla now?

She’s two years old. I got her when she was 6 weeks old, and then when she was almost a year old, I adopted Poppleton from a different breeder, because Priscilla’s breeder had become ill and wasn’t breeding anymore.

Did they take to each other quickly?

Yes, they did. It was pretty quick. I had been warned that pigs had a hierarchy and they would kind of fight it out to decide who is top pig. She’s definitely the more dominant one, so that didn’t last long. He kind of decided, “You can be top pig!” They get along and are so cute together. They sleep together and are just totally bonded.

What prompted you to start on Instagram?

I started her Facebook page first, because I was posting pictures on my personal Facebook page, and I was curious how many people really wanted to see pig pictures other than my high school and college friends, so I started her page. My niece actually told me that Facebook was for older people and that I needed to get them on Instagram. She took my phone and started the Instagram acct.

What did you think when they became such a sensation?

You know, it is still kind of hard to believe. I just started posting pictures of their outfits and adventures and people have enjoyed it.

When they go to school with you to teach first grade, do they interact with the children?

They do. The kids have different snack helpers and they take turns feeding them. They love them. The little girls come in everyday asking, “What is Priscilla wearing?”

Do you think it helps the kids to appreciate animals more?

Definitely. They are aware of where food comes from, for one thing. Also, just the compassion. I remember the first time the fire drill went off and they were lining up to go out, and my first priority is getting my children out of the classroom, and they were worried about the pigs, saying, “What about the pigs?”

They are definitely very compassionate with them. It is great.

Do the kids get attached to Prissy and Pop throughout the school year?

They do. I was out for two days and the kids were all about, “well, can you at least bring the pigs here?” It didn’t matter if I wasn’t going to be there. The last day of school they say they are going to miss the pigs.

I do a couple of camps over the summer, so a lot of the kids say they signed up so they can see Prissy and Pop.

Do you have any advice for anyone interested who wants to be a parent to a mini pig?

Do your research. A log of pigs are re-homed because they grow larger than they were expected. Pigs grow longer than cats and dogs. Mine are not full grown.

Just like with dogs, there are a lot of sanctuaries and rescues and a lot of pigs out there need homes.

Is there anything you would like people to know about pigs?

Pigs are very smart. They like a lot of affection and attention, like dogs.

Pigs are friends, not food!

Many thanks to Melissa for her time, for answering my questions, and allowing us to hang out with Prissy and Pop for a while!

Follow Prissy and Pop on Instagram and Facebook for your daily fix of cuteness. They also have adorable merchandise at the Prissy and Pop Shop, and coming soon….plush Prissy and Pop dolls from Gund!


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