Delia was looking pretty and feeling great after her grooming at PetSmart Grooming
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Treat Your Pet to a Spa Day at #PetSmartGrooming

Treat Your Pet to a Spa Day at #PetSmartGrooming

petsmartlogoThis post is sponsored by PetSmart and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about PetSmart Grooming Salons, but Heartprints Pets only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. PetSmart is not responsible for the content of this article.

Finding a dog groomer you trust can be hard. When we moved away from Delia’s groomer I was worried about finding another she would feel as comfortable with, and who I would feel confident in taking care of my girl. A friend recommended PetSmart®. After visiting our local store and asking a few questions, I decided to give it a try. Delia has been groomed by PetSmart groomer Stacey at the Crystal City, Mo PetSmart several times and Delia visited her again last week.

Delia waiting for Stacey at #PetSmartGrooming
Delia was excited as she waited for her favorite PetSmart groomer, Stacey!

At each appointment, the groomer has asked about Delia’s health and checked her thoroughly for mats, bumps or skin issues. This is reassuring because they care about your pet’s well being and want to make sure your pet has a pleasant and safe experience. Each time we’ve visited, all of the groomers and PetSmart staff have been warm and welcoming to Delia. Delia gets excited when she sees Stacey, which makes me feel great because I know she is comfortable with her.

Delia before #PetSmartGrooming
Delia before her grooming.

Delia was overdue for a grooming. Stacey went over the different grooming services available and recommended not only what she felt Delia needed, but what she felt was the best cost of services for Delia’s needs. My budget appreciates that.

Delia got the Dog Bath and Haircut with the Top Dog add-on package. She got the Oatmeal and Whitening Shampoo and Conditioner with the Very Berry Face Wash. Her coat is so soft for days after her PetSmart grooming, I can hardly keep my hands off of it. The scent of the shampoo, conditioner, and the face wash is light and fresh, not a strong perfumy scent. Stacey does a fantastic job with Delia’s nails and paws. The nails are always short and smooth and paw pads are clean and free of long hair.

Delia After #PetSmartGrooming
Delia after her PetSmart grooming.

At the end of each appointment, you’re given a Pawgress Report, which details the services your pet received and any notes or recommendations from the groomer. I’m always proud of my girl when she gets a report that she was a “very good girl!” As a bonus, the Pawgress Report has PetSmart coupons attached which offer a great added value.

Delia PetSmart Halloween Bow
The cute holiday bows are so much fun!Delia Before and After PetSmart Grooming

A few things you should know about PetSmart groomers:

  • All PetSmart salon associates acquire annual safety certification and take additional coursework where they learn about dog anatomy, signs of stress and common pet medical conditions.
  • PetSmart groomers (those that give haircuts) receive an additional 400 hours of hands on training at their own academy. Stacey said that each groomer must groom 100 dogs of different sizes, breeds, coat types, cuts, and then undergo extensive testing before working as a PetSmart groomer.
  • PetSmart Grooming salons offer a “Look Great Guarantee,” which is PetSmart’s promise that you’ll be happy with your pet’s service, or they will do whatever it takes to make it right, including offering your money back.

Booking your PetSmart Grooming appointment:

  • You can book you grooming appointment for your dog or cat (select locations) by visiting your store in person, calling, or by booking online and get text alerts or emails notifying you when your pet is ready to be picked up. I booked this appointment online and the process was quick and easy. I was able to choose the groomer and a time convenient for us without issue.
  • All pets need to be in good health and have current rabies vaccinations and proof of vaccination from their vet.
  • Rabies vaccination needs to be administered 48 hours prior to service.
  • PetSmart does not perform services on pets 8 weeks or younger.

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Have you used PetSmart Grooming for your pets? We’d love to hear your stories!




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