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Meet My Rotten Dogs-Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange

I love meeting bloggers that are “new to me,” and the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange is a fun resource for that. Pamela from Something Wagging This Way Comes and A.J. from I Still Want More Puppies co-hosted the third annual Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange. Bloggers are paired with other bloggers to encourage one another and share each other’s work.

This year I was paired with Rebekah of My Rotten Dogs. My Rotten Dogs is full of beautiful photos of Rebekah’s dogs Neeko, Bruce and Faolan that provide us with a peek into their lives. Rebekah’s posts on raw feeding caught my eye since I’ve been toying with putting Delia on a raw diet. Rebekah’s reviews of information on feeding raw along with photos of meal preparation and reviews of raw food suppliers are extremely helpful.

Rebekah also features product reviews that are very thorough and informative. I’ve been searching for a dehydrator and thanks to Rebekah’s review of the Presto Hydro Dehydrator, I know where to start.
Not only does Rebekah provide great information and tips, but she has a fun sense of humor, too. Her New Year’s Resolutions for My Rotten Dogs and The Stages of Grief (when bathing a dog) will make you smile.

I’m so happy to have been paired with Rebekah and I’m looking forward to keeping up with her blog in the future.
Please visit My Rotten Dogs and enjoy!

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