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52 Snapshots of Life Week 2: MUSIC

This week’s theme for the 52 Snapshots of Life photo challenge is: Music.
dancing bichon frise
Dancey Delia
Delia and I have the same taste in music. I discovered this shortly after I adopted her. As we were driving home from work I noticed her “dancing” in the back seat. When she gets excited she moves her front feet up and down, then stands on her back legs and wiggles her bottom, which looks like she’s dancing. She’ll do this for treats, her ball, and some music. Heavy metal, punk, hard rock music plays…she dances.
I thought at first that maybe it was too much stimulation and it was more of a stressful reaction than a happy one, but after much debate and observation, I’m convinced she enjoys it. I’m sure the energy of the music and the fact that I praise her helps.
She has a fondness for Rob Zombie. When I first adopted her I played some of his music in the car on our commute to and from work. I’d say to her, “Want to listen to Rob Zombie on the way home?” We’d listen to a few songs, then listen to something else. I guess that was all she needed to become a fan. If I ask if she wants to listen to Rob Zombie, she gets excited. I was watching a music festival on TV recently and he took the stage. She heard him being announced and stopped what she was doing and watched the TV. My family couldn’t believe her reaction. I was thrilled to have witnesses to see her reaction!
This photo shoot started by me asking if she wanted listen to Rob Zombie
dancing dog
dancing bichon frise


Each week we are participating in a fun new photo challenge hosted by The Lazy Pitbull called 52 Snapshots of Life. This photo challenge will feature a new theme weekly and is open for anyone to participate. You don’t have to be a pet blogger to take part. If you love to take photos, or if you want to improve your photography skills, join us!


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  • Cascadian Nomads Bethany

    Delia and Leo would be fast friends; Rob Zombie is among his favorites too. Leo is a head banger, though. He doesn’t get into moving his feet or hips!

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