Bichon Frise Delia 7th Birthday
Delia,  Human and Animal Bond

Happy 7th Birthday Delia!

Happy 7th Birthday, Delia! My baby girl is 7 years old. I can’t believe how fast time is flying. Wasn’t she just a year and a half old? How is it possible she’s 7?!

Happy 7th Birthday Delia

We went low-key with the party for now. I’ve been sick, and we’re packing to move soon, so we decided to wait until we are settled to have her celebration with her friends.

Delia's 7th Unicorn Birthday

I found this adorable Garanimals unicorn t shirt for human toddlers and couldn’t pass it up. The 2T size fits Delia nearly perfectly. This unicorn emoji pillow is one of her favorites. My princess is a girl after my own heart….we both love unicorns!

Dog Birthday Party

She’s a happy 7 year old.

Delia 7th birthday high 5

“High-five for unicorns!”

Delia's 7th birthday2

Like last year,  we celebrated with goodies from Treats Unleashed.

Delia 7th birthday wondering if we are ever going to eat this cookie

She got tired of posing for photos and let me know she was ready to eat her cookie.

Delia 7th birthday giving Chewy side eye

But….once she saw her new ball, she forgot about the cookie. She’s all about her tiny tennis balls. Her brother dared to sniff it, so she made sure she stayed close and warned him off with her stinky side-eye.

Happy Birthday, Delia. I love you more than words can say, my little unicorn.


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