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C is for Chewy

Today’s letter is….

Cfor Chewy!

Chewy Chews
Chewy doing his favorite thing….chewing!

Today marks one month since Chewy joined our family. He is a nine month old Lhatese and an absolute joy. It has been many years since I’ve had a puppy and he keeps me on my toes. The boy is aptly named. He will put anything in his mouth. We’re working hard on learning what is OK to chew and what is not OK to chew.

I’m lucky in the fact that I can take him to work with me, so he spends the day playing with his friends at daycare. Daycare is great for socialization and exercise that puppies need.

Chewy smiles 2
His smile melts my heart.

Chewy Smiles

He is mastering housebreaking like a champ and likes to explore outdoors.

Happy Chewy 2
He is a HAPPY boy!

Another one of his favorite things to do is chase his sister, Delia. She loves being chased, so this works out great for both of them. She’s does not love it when he catches her tail, and I don’t blame her. So, we’re working on no tail biting. I guess even little puppy brothers like to pick on their sisters.

Chewy trying to catch Delia's tail
Chasing Delia and nearly catching her tail.
chewy's butt 2
“Does this leaf make my butt look big?”

This little guy is so much fun and I’m so very grateful that he is part of our family.


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