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E: Eurasier

Today’s letter is…..

A to Z Challenge: E-Eurasier



The Eurasier is a Spitz-type dog that originated in Germany in the 1960’s by Julius Wipfel.  The breed was initially a cross of a Chow Chow and a German Wolfspitz, with the Samoyed bred in later to develop what is now known as the Eurasier.


Romie is a daycare regular at A Howlin’ Good Time and she is the only Eurasier I have met in person.  I had never heard of her breed until I met her.

They are known to be calm, even tempered, playful, loyal, and intelligent.  Yep, that describes Romie. One of the Eurasier’s characteristics is that they can be reserved with strangers and can take a while to open up to new people. They can accept people on their own time. I remember the moment Romie accepted me and decided I was OK. It felt like such an accomplishment! She loves her hip massages and it always warms my heart when she slowly and quietly snuggles up beside me for a quick massage.

Romie Eurasier
Look at that smile!

I’m so happy to have been introduced to this beautiful breed. For more information about the Eurasier breed visit Dogster.com and The Eurasier Society UK is a great source.

Visit Adoptapet.com or Petfinder.com to find adoptable Eurasier’s in your area.

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  • Jeanne Melanson

    She’s a beautiful dog. I have never heard of this breed either. You’re so fortunate to be doing what you’re doing. I envy you! Having fun with the challenge, I imagine? So am I. Take care! 🙂

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