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    Remembering My Boys on National Pet Memorial Day

    The second Sunday in September is National Pet Memorial Day. While I think of them every day, I’ve been spending time today remembering my Nicky, Niño and Mickey. Mickey was my best friend growing up. He was a gift from my Father when I was four years old and had chicken pox. He was my constant companion and a source of comfort when my Father passed away three years later. We had 13 years together. It wasn’t until I started picking photos for this post that I realized I only have one photo of Mickey scanned, so I must fix that. Here we are when when I was about 6…

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    Sweet Pea’s Story-Part 2

    Sweet Pea’s Story-Part 2…(Part one can be read here.) Niño and Sweet Pea Nicky and Niño were ready to burst with excitement about this new family member. I put her in her travel cage and we all gathered on the floor. Nicky and Niño were leashed in case they got too excited…they sniffed around the cage…she followed, checking them out…Nicky lingered a bit too long and she nipped his nose. No damage done, but he learned his lesson. Niño sat back and watched and, I imagine, took mental notes. This first intro went well. Sweet Pea was indifferent towards Nicky, but took quickly to Niño. She would chatter to him…