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Sweet Pea’s Story-Part 2

Sweet Pea’s Story-Part 2…(Part one can be read here.)
sweetpea and nino
Niño and Sweet Pea
Nicky and Niño were ready to burst with excitement about this new family member. I put her in her travel cage and we all gathered on the floor. Nicky and Niño were leashed in case they got too excited…they sniffed around the cage…she followed, checking them out…Nicky lingered a bit too long and she nipped his nose. No damage done, but he learned his lesson. Niño sat back and watched and, I imagine, took mental notes. This first intro went well.
Sweet Pea was indifferent towards Nicky, but took quickly to Niño. She would chatter to him and follow him in her cage when he passed. As time passed they were slowly introduced to Sweet Pea out of her cage. She paid no attention to Nicky, Niño got it all. She would follow him, give him “kisses” and sometimes got rides on his back. When he tired of her attention he would bring her to me. Here was this sweet little dog with a parrotlet perched on his back or dangling from his collar. His tags were shiny, noisy and fun to play with. (Now, I do realize many may balk at me letting my dogs and bird play together. They were never left unsupervised and I never would’ve let them play together if anyone had gotten aggressive or I had any hint they would. I was very careful and we were lucky they got along so well.)
Sweet Pea looking for Niño.
Niño checking out this strange little creature.
Nicky and Sweet Pea eventually bonded over treats. He liked to hang out beneath her cage as she tossed whatever she didn’t want out to him. Cheerios, peas, the occasional sunflower kernel…which I’m sure was accidental as they are her favorite treat.
It became a game for her. It was great fun for her to shovel seed onto his head. She would make kissy noises and wait for him to come to her cage, and then start tossing things out. His little face would be covered in seed…in his nostrils and down to his scalp. They had great fun.
Nick passed away June 26, 2009 and Niño followed Nov. 30, 1009. Sweet Pea still looks for them at times.

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