Help Stop Breeding Misery in Puppy Mills

A few years ago, the shelter I volunteered with rescued dogs at a Missouri puppy mill auction. The puppy mill, which was once Missouri’s largest, was being forced to close and they were selling their “stock.” The dogs were in terrible condition, yet they still charged insane amounts for the dogs to be saved. Staff and volunteers worked hard at assessing, bathing, grooming and setting up warm, soft places for the dogs to rest. Several were sent immediately for emergency veterinary care. Filthy, {Read More}

Responsible Dog Breeders | Companies against Puppy Mills | The Honest Kitchen

Delia and I are fans of The Honest Kitchen and their healthy products for dogs and cats. I’m a fan of the fact that they refuse to sell their products to stores that sell puppies or kittens. Their article about Puppy Mills vs. Responsible Breeders is interesting to me. Anyone who knows me knows I’m against puppy mills and worked hard, and will continue to work hard, to spread the word about the horror that animals face in puppy mills. {Read More}