Freshpet Natural Pet Food Review
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Freshpet Natural Pet Food Review

Freshpet Natural Pet Food Review

I’ve written before about how picky Delia is about her food. I’m sure she is the pickiest eater on the planet. Each time I think we’ve found a food she likes, she turns the tables on me and stops eating it. Until we found Freshpet. She has been eating Freshpet food consistently for nearly a year, now. So, I was excited when we won a BarkPost contest for Freshpet food! We love BarkPost AND Freshpet, so it was a double win.

BarkPost sent us a gift card to PetSmart to purchase Delia’s favorite Freshpet Vital Grain Free recipe.

Freshpet Vital Grain free

8 Things We Love About Freshpet

  1. Freshpet uses only fresh all natural ingredients, and no artificial ingredients or chemicals.Freshpet Natural Pet Food Healthy Ingredients
  2. No Freshpet food ingredients come from China.
  3.  Freshpet is a complete and balanced nutritional diet that exceeds AAFCO‘s minimum standards for canine nutrition.
  4. Since switching to Freshpet, Delia’s tear stains have cleared. This is a huge plus for me.
  5. Freshpet gives back by donating meals to pets in need, supporting law enforcement and their K9’s, and more.
  6. Easy to find in PetSmart, Petco, Whole Foods, some Wal Mart and Target stores, and local retailers. There is also a handy Store Locator on their website.
  7. Delia eats it consistently and she is healthy and happy. This is the first food she has eaten consistently and eagerly in her 6 years of life. She actually gets excited when I get the bag of food out of the refrigerator. It feels good to know that she enjoys her food, and that it is good for her.
  8. She has healthy poop. How do you know if your dog has healthy poop? BarkPost and Freshpet answer What Does The Color of Your Dog’s Poop Mean?

To learn more about Freshpet and the company’s mission, visit their website at

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Has your dog eaten Freshpet? We’d love to hear about your experiences!

We won a gift card to purchase Freshpet from a BarkPost contest.  I received no additional compensation for this post. Delia LOVES Freshpet and we are happy to share it with our readers.




  • Rozena Smith

    I brought my four pound ,Ten year old Chihuahua A bag yesterday poured her some, she ate that up quick. This morning she was waiting at her bowl for more I will be throwing all the dry stuff away today and buying more Freshpet 🥰

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