Delia and Chewy PupScouts Troop 314
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Introducing PupScouts Org Troop 314

Delia and Chewy PupScouts Troop 314

Hello, my friends! It’s me, Delia writing today. I’m happy to announce that I am the proud new PupScouts Troop 314 leader. We are the first troop in the St. Louis, Mo. area!

PupScout Troop 314 Leader Delia
PupScout Troop 314 Leader Delia
PupScout Troop 314 Chewy
PupScout Chewy

What is PupScouts?

If you haven’t heard of PupScouts, it is like the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts for human kids, but PupScouts is for us pups! How cool is that!? We get to meet new friends, spend fun time with our pawrents, earn cool badges and help other pups and people in our communities.

PupScout Troop 314 Materials

My mom has been slow getting things started. You know how human “stuff” can get in the way sometimes. I’m so excited that we’re finally sharing the news about our new troop and getting this pawty started!

My 3 favorite things about PupScouts are:

  • As a PupScout, I get to help animals and people in my community. I live near St. Louis, Mo., and as I’m sure you may have heard, our city has had a bad time the last few years. Terrible crime and just a lot of yucky stuff. I don’t know why humans want to hurt each other, and I will never understand why they want to hurt us pups. My city is very lucky because we have lots of great organizations that help animals. I’m so excited to do my part in helping!
  • Meeting new friends. I LOVE new friends! I say, a pup can never have too many friends. Whether they are humans or animals…I love all kinds of friends!
  • Spending time with my Mom. We already spend a lot of time together, but we make a good team and have so much fun, I’m really excited about making new friends and helping our community together.

What do you think of PupScouts? Do you think you would like to be a PupScout? Here’s a link for your pawrents to read to get more information. If you are in the St. Louis area and would like to more information, or to join out troop, email us!

Thanks for letting me share my news with you! We’ll be posting about our PupScout meetings and events here on our blog so you can follow our adventures.


Troop Leader Delia


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