The American Humane Association and Five Acres Animal Shelter

The American Humane Association, the country’s first national humane organization and only charity dedicated to protecting children and animals, has teamed up with Sergeant’s Pet Care to provide newly adopted shelter pet guardians with tools and info to care for their pet’s’ health on a regular basis. For each pledge taken to emBARK on Pet Health, Sergeant’s will donate a pet health kit to newly adopted animals at participating AHA shelters. The American Humane Association’s mission is to “ensure the {Read More}

Help Donate a Sergeant’s Pet Health Kit to Newly Adopted Pets

As a part of their emBark on Pet Health Campaign, Sergeant’s Pet Care is donating up to 5,000 Pet Health Kits, valued at approximately $50 each, to participating American Humane Association shelters for each pledge made to emBARK on Pet Health until March 31st. The kits will be sent home with newly adopted pets to help them on their way to a healthy start to their new lives. Each kit includes: • Sergeant’s fur so fresh Shampoo • PurLuv Sizzlin {Read More}

Have You Taken the Pledge to emBARK on Pet Health?

Sergeant’s Pet Care has been a trusted pet care brand for more than 140 years helping pets and their guardians to lead healthier, happier and more entertaining lives together. In continuing that tradition, Sergeant’s and the American Humane Association have joined together to help educate pet guardians on how to maintain their pet’s health with the emBARK on Pet Health Campaign. By taking a pledge to learn about your pet’s health needs and how to to maintain their health, you {Read More}