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The American Humane Association and Five Acres Animal Shelter

The American Humane Association, the country’s first national humane organization and only charity dedicated to protecting children and animals, has teamed up with Sergeant’s Pet Care to provide newly adopted shelter pet guardians with tools and info to care for their pet’s’ health on a regular basis. For each pledge taken to emBARK on Pet Health, Sergeant’s will donate a pet health kit to newly adopted animals at participating AHA shelters.

The American Humane Association’s mission is to “ensure the welfare, wellness and well-being of children and animals, and to unleash the full potential of the bond between humans and animals to the mutual benefit of both. Our goal is to measurably, demonstrably and significantly increase the number of children and animals who are protected from harm – and the number of humans and animals whose lives are enriched – through direct action, thought leadership, policy innovation, and expansion of proven, effective programs.”

With four extensive programs, HUMANE INTERVENTION™, HUMANE HEARTLAND™, HUMANE HOLLYWOOD™, and HUMANE RESEARCH & POLICY™, the American Humane Association’s mission reaches communities and enriches lives nationwide every day with education, training, and research helping to understand the human-animal bond.

Five Acres Animal Shelter in St. Charles, Mo. is one of the many shelters helped by the American Humane Association by funding vet care for a bulldog who required above average veterinary care through the Second Chance Fund.

Five Acres Animal Shelter is the only no-kill shelter in St. Charles, County Missouri. Five Acres cares for approximately 115 dogs and cats daily by providing rescue, vaccinations, spay and neuter and all that a homeless animal needs until he or she is adopted into a loving home.

The Shelter Buddies program provides socialization and training for difficult to adopt dogs by exposing them to new experiences. Dogs are paired with a Shelter Buddies volunteer who spends one-on-one time with the dog. The buddies go on “adventures”, outings to public places and events, which give the dog exposure to not only new sounds, smells and stimulation, but give the dogs exposure to potential adoptive families, as well.

Five Acres also focuses on community outreach, youth education and shelter tours to educate the community on spay and neuter practices, benefits of adoption and awareness with a mission that Five Acres Animal Shelter Director of Volunteers and Development, Brittany Broombaugh states is “to transform perception on how animals are treated and where they come from.”

Volunteers are always needed for help with cleaning, walking dogs, socializing animals, adoption events and more. With puppy and kitten season upon us, volunteers and supplies are in great need.

Five Acres is $150,000 away from its goal for it’s ongoing $1,000,000 Capital Campaign. With the completion of the Canine Building and indoor and outdoor kennels, the shelter has doubled the number of animals they are able to take in and care for. Phase Two of the $1,000,000 Capital Campaign is the Feline Building. The new Feline Building will provide new, updated space to house and care for more cats in a space more accommodating to their needs.

You can help Five Acres Animal Shelter with it’s mission not only by volunteering time and talents, but also by donations of much needed supplies. Financial donations support the shelter and can be made directly to the shelter or by attending fundraising events. The shelter’s largest annual fundraiser, UNCORKED: A CAUSE FOR THE PAWS is Sunday, May 19. Visit BLACKTIE-MISSOURI.COM/RSVP with the event code: PAWS 519 to purchase tickets online.

Support the American Humane Association and shelters in your area by visiting http://www.americanhumane.org/.

If you haven’t already taken the pledge to emBARK on Pet Health, please do so at http://www.embarkonpethealth.com/ before the campaign ends March 31!

I have volunteered at Five Acres Animal Shelter in the past and had the pleasure of spending some time there recently. The shelter is beautiful and the animals are so well cared for and such a joy to spend time with. Meet just a few of the animals available for adoption from Five Acres Animal Shelter:



Disclaimer: Though I was compensated by Sergeant’s I fully support the emBARK on Pet Health campaign and Sergeant’s involvement with the American Humane Association to help animals in need. Pet health and animal rescue and adoption are important to me and I am proud to support these efforts.

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