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Chewy Celebrated His First Birthday!

Chewy turned one year old a few weeks ago. He had a small party at home with family and then a party at daycare with his friends.

Chewy waiting for his cakeThe Birthday Boy was ready for his first-ever birthday cake!

Chewy and his cakeHe was a good boy and waited patiently for the cake, which was a Happy Birthday Pup-PIE from The Lazy Dog Cookie Company.

Chewy Birthday CollageHe loved the cake!

Dancey ChewyHe was ecstatic to celebrate at daycare with his friends!

Chewy and his best friend GraysonChewy’s best friend Grayson was there to celebrate with him.

GraysonGrayson is such a sweet boy. CarsonChewy’s buddy, Carson was there to party, too, but he wasn’t’ happy about the hat.

SteveCarson’s brother Steve LOVED the peanut butter, bacon, and banana treats I baked for the daycare dogs.

Chewy portraitThe past few months have been such a joy with this little guy since he joined our family. I can’t wait to watch him grow up!

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