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Delia’s Paw Print Tattoo

I finally did it! Getting a tattoo of Delia’s paw print has been a goal of mine since she joined our family. A few weeks ago a friend and I went to Self Inflicted Studio in St. Louis and the amazing Zack “Panda” Donahue imprinted my baby girl’s paw onto my wrist. He took the photocopy of Delia’s paw print and duplicated it amazingly.
I got her print by placing her paw on an ink pad (I only had pink ink handy), then placing her inked paw on a piece of paper. I was shocked when I saw the print. Her metacarpal pad left an almost perfect heart shape. I knew THAT was the print to use.
Delia's pawprint in ink ready for tattoo

Getting my tattoo at Self Inflicted Sudio

The staff at Self Inflicted Studio were great. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable and the shop was super clean and comfortable. Zack did a great job and was a pleasure to chat with as he worked.
Zack “Panda” Donahue Working His Magic

The completed paw print tattoo

Delia’s paw print is already permanently imprinted on my heart, and now it is also on my wrist. I love looking down and seeing her paw there. It is comforting and always warms my heart.

Delia's paw print tattoo on my wrist.
Delia’s paw print permanently imprinted on my arm.


  • Susan Taylor

    Hey, cool tat! First one I’ve ever seen of a paw print, but I can sure see why you would enjoy having it as a reminder of your lovely pet.

    Hope you are enjoying the a to z challenge.


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