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German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherds Dogs are beautiful, strong, intelligent, and loyal dogs who were originally bred in Germany in 1899 for herding sheep. Modern German Shepherds are known more for their work in search and rescue and military and police service.

The German Shepherds I know are happy and well loved members of their families who enjoy spending time at daycare with their canine friends.

Maya has been coming to daycare since she was a puppy. It has been such fun watching her grow.

Maya Dec


Baby Maya in June 2014

Maya June 2014

Baby Maya July

Maya July 2014

Maya and Dori Aug

Maya and Her Friend Dori Taking a Break and Watching the Big Dogs Play-Aug. 2014

Maya Oct

Maya October 2014

Maya Dec  2

Maya in December 2014

Maya April 2015

Maya April 2015

Ember is another GSD puppy friend who is a daycare regular. She is sweet, smart and everybody’s friend.



Zeus is a black German Shepherd who is always a pleasure to have at daycare. He is a sweet, quiet, playful boy.



And…Navi. Navi is absolutely gorgeous and made me fall in love with her breed. She is a great role model for the puppies and I often tell Maya and Ember that they should follow Navi’s lead. She is smart, sweet, loving, and playful. I love one-on-one games of chase with Navi. She can be so funny.



To learn more about German Shepherd Dogs visit Dogster.com. To adopt a German Shepherd Dog in your area visit Petfinder.com or Adoptapet.com.


  1. Hello there.
    Maya as a puppy, oh how adorable! There’s no question animals are loving. What we get from them is what we give to them in return, so if we mistreat them, they’ll misbehave, but if we shower them with love, they’ll love us back and be faithful. I am not a dog owner, but my dad has 5 of them…they are his kids now us human kids are all grown up! Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

    Barbara at http://entrepreneurialgoddess.blogspot.com

    • Heartprints Pets says

      Thank you Barbara! That is so true! It sounds like your dad has his hands full, but I’m sure they’re a joy!

  2. Such cute dogs! I am always a sucker for smart dogs, loved the pictures 🙂

  3. I love German Shepherds! When I was growing up we had a German Shepherd/Lab mix. Gorgeous. She had all the coloring and looks of a shepherd. I think they are stunning dogs. I have a dogsitting business and one of my regular customers is a German Shepherd. Great post.
    Michele at Angels Bark

    • Heartprints Pets says

      Thanks Michele! These are the first German Shepherds I’ve known personally, and they have stolen my heart. They are so smart and so beautiful.

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