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    The Pet Blogger Bloopers Round-Up: Holiday Photos

    Christina at The Lazy Pitbull is hosting another fun photo challenge. The Pet Blogger Bloopers Round-Up will take place the second Friday of each month, featuring photo “bloopers” that might not make it into a blog post. A few weeks ago, I photographed the dogs at work for holiday gifts for their families. Not everybody was happy with posting for photos, regardless of what type of treats they got in return for posing. Sadie wasn’t a fan of the Christmas tree hat. ChiChi was distracted by her brother Mr. Big’s singing. Maelee stuck her nose in Maci’s photo. Jasmine wasn’t interested in hanging around… Bela made a funny face when…

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    Happy National Dog Day!

    August 26th is celebrated annually as National Dog Day! National Dog Day was founded in 2004 by Colleen Paige, Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate. National Dog Day serves to celebrate dogs. Working dogs, family dogs, hero dogs, service dogs…whatever role your dogs play in your life…today is the day to celebrate their impact on you life. National Dog Day also serves to bring recognition to dogs in shelters in need of adoption. I work at a Doggie Daycare and have the pleasure of spending every day surrounded by awesome dogs. I want to share just a few of my friends here, today:

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    G: German Shepherd Dog

    Today’s letter is…. for…. German Shepherd Dogs German Shepherds Dogs are beautiful, strong, intelligent, and loyal dogs who were originally bred in Germany in 1899 for herding sheep. Modern German Shepherds are known more for their work in search and rescue and military and police service. The German Shepherds I know are happy and well loved members of their families who enjoy spending time at daycare with their canine friends. Maya has been coming to daycare since she was a puppy. It has been such fun watching her grow. Ember is another GSD puppy friend who is a daycare regular. She is sweet, smart and everybody’s friend. Zeus is a…

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    E: Eurasier

    Today’s letter is….. for…. Eurasier The Eurasier is a Spitz-type dog that originated in Germany in the 1960’s by Julius Wipfel.  The breed was initially a cross of a Chow Chow and a German Wolfspitz, with the Samoyed bred in later to develop what is now known as the Eurasier. Romie is a daycare regular at A Howlin’ Good Time and she is the only Eurasier I have met in person.  I had never heard of her breed until I met her. They are known to be calm, even tempered, playful, loyal, and intelligent.  Yep, that describes Romie. One of the Eurasier’s characteristics is that they can be reserved with…

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    B is for Boxers

    Today’s letter is… for… I didn’t know many boxers until I started working at A Howlin’ Good Time doggie daycare.  There are several that come for daycare and boarding and it has been so much fun spending time with them and becoming more familiar with the breed. Boxers are such funny, energetic and affectionate dogs. Boomer. Ah, Boomer. I adore this guy. He’s the sweetest grumpy older guy you could ever meet. His raspy bark, intense glare, and sweet nuzzles melt my heart. Shasta is strong, quiet, and sweet. All of the girls love him and the boys are intimidated because he’s strong, handsome, and well, all the girls love…

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    Blogging from A to Z Challenge: Annie

    Today begins the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. Each day during April, except Sunday, I’ll be posting about subjects corresponding to the alphabet. This is quite a challenge and Delia, Chewy, and I are up for it! We begin with A….for Annie! I work at a doggie daycare/pet hotel called A Howlin’ Good Time and Annie is one of our regulars. She’s a boxer-mix with a huge personality. She is such a sweet, funny girl. She was not thrilled with posing for holiday photos this past year. Her expression doesn’t change. No matter what is going on or how she’s feeling, this is how she looks. So darn…