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Delia has a new puppy brother. Meet Chewy! He’s an 8-month old Kyi-Leo, or better known as a Lhasa-Apso/Maltese mix.

Meet Chewy!

Chewy was a regular at the doggie daycare/pet hotel where I work, and since I had been thinking of adopting a friend for Delia, my awesome bosses told me he was looking for a new home.

Chewy loves doggie daycare!
He is the perfect addition to our family! He is the best puppy brother Delia could ever want. She wasn’t thrilled about this new little brother at first, but she is warming up to him. Delia loves to be chased, and Chewy loves to give chase, so they have a blast running in our yard and around the house. Delia has no problem sharing her toys with him. I love watching them pick out toys from the toy box together.

Delia is a princess and Chewy is 100% puppy boy. He is sooo much fun. He is always exploring and it is amazing the treasures he finds. As a typical growing boy everything he finds goes into his mouth, whether it is edible or not. His name truly fits him. He’s keeping us on our toes! We absolutely love Chewy and I do believe he loves us.

Chewy portrait


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