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Sweet Pea’s Story-Part 1

 (Sweet Pea’s first photo 2001)
Ten years ago as I was traveling through a small Missouri town I saw a little pet store and decided to stop in. I was shocked at the menagerie in this tiny dingy store. Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents, tarantulas and a wallaby! It made me sick-the smell-the filth-the fact that these animals were living like this.
Amidst the chaos sat a tiny cage with a tiny green bird perched quietly inside. She was so tiny and stuck in a cage with no toys and dirty water. I knew immediately she was mine. There was no way she would spend another day there.

I had been researching Parrotlets, so I recognized what type of bird she was. The store clerk knew nothing about her other than her cost was $75 and she had hatched that January. (This was in May 2001.) I was surprised and happy he knew at least that. I bought a small cage to carry her home in and we were on our way to start her new life and meet her new canine brothers Nicky and Niño.

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