PupScouts Org Troop 314 Leader Delia Models Her Official Uniform

PupScouts Troop 314 Leader Delia Models her official uniform


My proud PupScout modeling her official PupScouts uniform.

Delia's PupScout Badges

She’s very proud of her badges. We have lots more to add to her sash!

PupScout Troop 314 Leader Delia Uniform

For more information about PupScouts check out our post announcing our troop, and visit the official PupScouts website at www.pupscouts.org


  1. What a pawsome program! The sash is quite pretty.

    I wish there was something like that in my neck of the woods.

  2. Really Cool Idea! I like it

  3. She looks great! I remember being very proud of my girl scout badges, I think pup scouts sounds like a lot of fun.

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