• 5 resources for finding lost pets
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    5 Resources for Finding Lost Pets

    One of the most awful experiences a pet parent can face is when a pet goes missing. It can happen in the blink of an eye. My childhood best friend, Mickey, disappeared one evening during a potty trip outside. It was our fault. We let him out onto our patio behind our apartment complex alone. He had always returned right after he did his business, we didn’t expect this night to be any different. (Now, I can’t imagine what we were thinking! How foolish and irresponsible!) We searched the neighborhood calling his name for hours. I missed school the following day to search for him. I couldn’t stop searching for…

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    Mickey Mickey was my best friend from the age of 4 to 16. He was a gift from my Dad when I was sick with chickenpox. My dad was a dog lover too, and he was always finding homes for dogs in need. Mickey was a Chihuahua, who was just a few months old when my dad brought him home. We didn’t know his actual birthday, so we decided he and I would share a birthday. I loved sharing my birthday with that little guy. My dad passed away when I was 7 and Mickey became a connection to my dad in addition to my best friend. He became my…

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    Remembering My Boys on National Pet Memorial Day

    The second Sunday in September is National Pet Memorial Day. While I think of them every day, I’ve been spending time today remembering my Nicky, Niño and Mickey. Mickey was my best friend growing up. He was a gift from my Father when I was four years old and had chicken pox. He was my constant companion and a source of comfort when my Father passed away three years later. We had 13 years together. It wasn’t until I started picking photos for this post that I realized I only have one photo of Mickey scanned, so I must fix that. Here we are when when I was about 6…